Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

Read John 2:1-11

When we talk about Jesus we often talk about him in heady theological terms, we use words like begotten, co-eternal and incarnate. Those words have a place, but I invite you to take note of the Jesus' in our reading today. Today Jesus is at a wedding party, and he's having a good time with family and friends, and then his mother starts bothering him about wine. If you've ever been at a party with friends and had to go run errands because your mom had called you will understand. That is what happened to Jesus at this wedding. I think it's hilarious.

Jesus got bossed around by his mom at a party. It doesn't matter how perfect you are, in that situation it is reasonable and sinless to feel some irritation with mom. Truly our savior has known every kind of suffering.

Challenge: Wait for your parents to bother you today. Remember that Jesus has been where you are now, he knows what it is to feel frustrated and powerless. He is with you and feels your pain. In the midst of your worst days, he loves you as much as ever. He has been where you are. Pause to remember that.

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