Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jesus Raises Lazarus

Jesus cried in today's reading, which seems weird at first because he knew how the story would end. He cried anyway. I believe he cried because the pain his friends felt was absolutely real, and he felt their pain. Mary and Martha were struggling not to resent Jesus for being late, they struggled to believe that God was still good, and they struggled to accept the death of their brother and friend. Jesus got that; he not only understood but actually shared the depth of their pain, which was all the deeper for him who had designed us to neither suffer nor die. He designed us for a relationship with him, not for pain and tears, and even though our rebellion ruined this world he's building another one.

Challenge: Imagine a world without suffering. If you think that sounds boring go watch Kony 2012 (parental guidance recommended) and reconsider that a world without suffering would be boring. Imagine a world where children aren't working in sweat shops, where no one dies in war, and there is no abuse or divorce. What you've begun to imagine is the Kingdom of God. God is building this kingdom. Pray that it would come to us also.

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