Friday, March 2, 2012

Dancing In The Mourning - 2nd Thursday Of Lent

Today's thoughts are brought to you by Beth:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.Matthew 5:4

you ever had a reason to mourn? Maybe you lost a grandparent, a mentor, or a close friend. Maybe you had a parent or guardian or even a pet die unexpectedly. Perhaps the kind of mourning youve been through hasnt been the loss of life, but loss of an opportunity. A college rejection, a dream lost, a relationship broken.

It seems like mourning touches every human life. Its part of the world we live in while were apart from our home with God. Even in mourning times, maybe especially in them, God is near. Much like with wealth and poverty, the religious leaders of Jesusday claimed that happy people were blessed, and those who mourned were cursed. Jesuscrazy, amazing Grace overthrows that reasoning. Even back in the psalms, God reminds us that He isnear to the brokenhearted.When we have nothing left, we offer up our tears, our empty hands to a God who loves endlessly, who is Love, and He fills us. He offers comfort that cant dry up. Every time I have lost someone I love, I find myself falling unexpectedly in the arms of Grace. I close my eyes and see how much God loves me, and how no matter how long its been since I looked or asked for His comfort, Hes never left, and Hes still offering it.
opened a door from death to life, and from mourning to joy. Those who mourn are blessed, because they can see how very deep into the darkness Gods love can reach, and that love will teach their feet to dance again, with more gladness that one who has never felt the need to mourn.

of something you have mourned over, or are mourning over. Take some time today to pour out your heart to God over it, and let yourself take the comfort He is offering you for it.

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