Friday, March 2, 2012

Hungry? - 2nd Saturday Of Lent

Today's thoughts are brought to us by Beth.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
they will be filled.Matthew 5:6

were you last hungry? Not justI could eathungry, or evenMAN I want tacos!hungry, butI am roasting the next squirrel I see over my car engine because I cannot wait for anything else!hungry. A lot of times when people read this passage, they talk about physical hunger. I think Jesus cares immensely about those who are physically hungry, but here, I think hes talking about something else. Hungering and thirsting for righteousness is like that squirrel roasting feeling, but for the things of Godlike seeing a loveless child be loved, a hungry woman fed, a broken man healed. That hungering and thirsting for righteousness is when were bursting out of our skin to see the wonder of God shine through in our world.
I dont know many people like that. I cant say always I am. Even when I get excited about something God is working on, I get sidetracked by something else, or distracted by how someone working in that good thing isnt perfect, and how I would do it better. There is one way we have all hungered and thirsted for righteousness. When Jesus was crucified, we all hungered for it. Whether or not we were there physically, we have all been there in spirit, yellingCrucify! Crucify!with the rest of the crowd. And wouldnt you know, that blood that was spilled brought righteousness that cleanses us and overflows. It begs to be shared with anyone whos willing to take a drink.

time to praise God for his overflowing love. Share it!

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