Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RE: Psalm 39 The Measure Of My Days

Photo by Anna Fox
This rather macabre psalm gets referenced in one of my very favourite pieces of music ever: Brahms Requiem. Without the music I don't know if I'd understand the poem; I highly recommend taking a listen. What is astounding to me about the love of God is the context of that love. God is not just head over heals in love with us, but he is head over heals in love with us in spite of a myriad of obstacles. We were sinners, we were insignificant, we were even God's enemies, and still, with total determination God has pursued us, and never stops pursing us. Our lover is incredible and relentless, the Hero of whom all great lovers are only a pale imitation.

May you rest in the loving hand of the God who loves you and has measured out your days.

You have have a listen to the Requiem verse on Grooveshark.
If you really like it you can buy it on Amazon.


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    1. It's flattering of you to say so, but I am really quite certain that I'm not. Please don't think I've not considered the possibility, but it fails to be a convincing or attractive prospect. God lives in me, and is transforming me into his image, and I am a member of the body of Christ. There is, understandably, some overlap, between God and I, but I assure you I am only a redeemed human.


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