Thursday, May 3, 2012

RE: The Great Divorce

Reading The Great Divorce is like walking through a garden of beautiful dreams.  Lewis is a master of senses and setting and can write heavenly bliss as no one else can.  Sadly I have made the terrible mistake of finishing the book this morning, and I now have no treat awaiting me at the end of my day.  Perhaps I will read it again.
            Read this book.  It is in the best interest of your soul and imagination that you read this book.  It is like an extra chapter from my favorite parts of The Chronicles of Narnia, but it is even better.  It’s better for two reasons.  First it is written to adults, and second it is much shorter.
            The content is as mature as it is beautiful.  Lewis explores many of his delicious ideas from Mere Christianity, but here does so through rich characters and conversations instead of through dry abstractions.  It is more readable than Mere Christianity, and more substantive than the Chronicles.
            You should read this masterful book.  It is reminiscent of Dante in its arc and of Plato in its method.  It is a work of art anyone can enjoy in a single afternoon.  I mistakenly believed that it was a dry theological tome, and so I deprived myself of enjoying its garden of delights until now.  I was mistaken, but you can learn from my error; you need not deprive yourself.  Read this book.

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